Photo of the Week - Week 24:

Conyngham Road's recently wrapped GT125 is seen on East Road turning onto Sheriff Street Upper on Route 151 on the 17th June 2017.

Dublin Buses first tri-sided wrap in quite some time appeared on the city streets in early June. GT125, allocated to Conyngham Road, is covered in a tri-sided advert for a new development in the Adamstown area of Lucan, namely St. Helen's. This advert comes at an interesting time, when many see Dublin's housing market approaching the same bubble period of the mid-2000s. St. Helen's represents a huge area of development in West Dublin, approximately the same amount of land as the existing Adamstown Castle area (the currently developed part). This is only one small development on this zoned land, but as these estates begin to sprawl again one could see new bus routes for the area, possibly an all day 25D?

A rear shot of GT125 operating Route 13 on O'Connell Street on the 16th June 2017.

GT125 becomes the first GT to receive a wrap, in fact the first bus delivered post 2009 to get one. It was questioned whether the GTs or SGs would ever be wrapped, with AVs/AXs and a solitary VG being the wrapped buses in recent memory. This is a good sign for the tri-sided adverts, and hopefully in time we'll see some AOAs again. Hopefully we'll see a few more for the summer, those being the months when such adverts appear. Already AX523 has appeared in a tri-sided advert for Dublin Bus themselves, showing the company's support for the Gay Pride March on June 24th. Dublin Bus has been a long supporter of this event, though maybe unknown to the wider public. Given AX523's livery, this should be a little more obvious. This, along with the internal adverts, and the SGs with the black route map poster in support of Pride, are all quite commendable. AX523 entered service in its new tri-sided advert on the evening of the 19th June as the 9th bus on Route 11, which pulled out at 1550 from Donnybrook garage and is scheduled to do the last bus to Wadelai this evening. The bus should be primarily on Route 11 for cross-city exposure.

GT125 is seen at the East Road terminus of Route 151 on the 17th June 2017.

GT125 operating an evening service on Route 13 on Griffith Avenue on the 16th June 2017.

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